4 Must Have Baby Items

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Here are the four items that completely saved my butt in my baby girl’s first month of life!

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Okay, so I know that there are a ton (and I mean a ton) of different lists and registries that tell you the things that you absolutely must have for your new bundle of poop joy.

As a first time mom I was completely overwhelmed because it seemed that in order for me to survive I would essentially need to buy up Babiesrus and Buy Buy Baby. Turns out, that is not the case.

Here are the four items that completely saved my butt in my baby girl’s first month of life:

  1. NoseFrida

This product is the bomb. It sucks the boogies out of your baby’s nose, and by it I mean you.

When I first saw this product my thoughts were “ew, who comes up with this stuff”, but after reading the reviews I gave in and decided to give it a go. The little bulb thing they give you at the hospital pales in comparison to this bad boy.

Now I have a confession, I still can’t bring myself to actually use it… so my husband does all the booger sucking. The first time I tried I gagged. Oh, and also the second and third.

Regardless, NoseFrida gets the job done. It’s easy to use, easily cleaned, and doesn’t make Savannah cry – that’s a bonus.

  1. Sheet Savers

       At first I though sheet savers were a waste of money, after all, the baby is wearing a diaper to catch all the lovely things that come out of her little body. And even if the diaper leaks, the baby still has a onsie, and if that fails she is covered in blankets.

Boy was I wrong.

Babies manage to get poo and pee everywhere, like even on their backs. Seriously, what is that?

Lucky for my, me mom didn’t listen when I told her those were a waste of money and bought me a billion. I now just put a sheet saver wherever I place her down. Rock n’ Play, Playpen, my bed, you name it. You can get these real life “savers” here!

Here are the four items that completely saved my butt in my baby girl’s first month of life:

  1. Itty Bitty Baby Shirts

Now I know the first thing that you want to do is dress up your baby in all the super-duper cute elaborate clothes you have. But let me tell you a little secret… it just isn’t practical sometimes.

When Savannah was a newborn I was excited to dress her in the rompers, dresses, and adorable onsies that we had… until I held her and felt that her head might pop off if I tried to make her a fashionista. Plus, the first couple times you take her to the doctor you have to undress them anyway.

Make your life easier, and use these for the first couple days (I used them for about two weeks before I actually started switching it up). They even snap so that you don’t have to worry about pulling it over their tiny heads! It doesn’t get better than that.

4. Co-Sleeper

Before Savannah was born I swore up and down that she would sleep in her crib, in her room.

Who was I kidding?

I quickly realized that I would definitely not be a happy camper having to wake up and walk across the hall every time she woke (not that I’m normally a happy camper when I wake up at odd hours of the night).

With the co-sleeper I was able to change Savannah’s diaper, feed her, and keep a close watch on my night snorter, all without taking more that two-steps. This is the one I had (because my momma got it for me), but there are loads more that can fit your needs.


So there you have it, these are the five items that I absolutely couldn’t live without during my first month as a new mom. What items saved you during your first month?

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