“Mama”-Mia Mother’s Day Ideas!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is one of the most stressful days of the year for me (along with Father’s Day) because I think it is such a difficult task to get my mom something special that shows how much I love and appreciate her, and also have it be something she will love and use. Especially since every year my brother kicks my butt by writing some fancy shmancy poem for her. Gotta love sibling rivalry.

So this year, this is what I have in mind.

Mom, if you’re reading this. You can stop now. Go away. Leave. Thanks. 

My mom absolutely loves her garden! A while back we were at Walmart and we saw that they had the cutest little rain boot planters, it was then that I knew exactly what I was going to get my mom.

Told you she loves plants!

When I went back a couple weeks later, expecting to find them…. they were gone. I know right, what was I thinking?! But luckily for me, I found something just as awesome (even though I will definitely keep an eye out for those boots and snag them the next time I see them)!

This was in my mom’s garden! How cool is this?!

I won’t show you exactly what I got her because she is a tad bit sneaky and might end up on this page trying to see what it is, but I’ll give you a clue. See these peacocks in the background (don’t mind the halloween costume hahaha), my gift is something like that!

With my gift and a nice card, I’ve got this Mother’s Day in the bag! If you still have’ figured out what to get you mom and are in need of some ideas of things you can get the most important woman in your life, I’ve got you covered:

  1. A cute little book where you can write all the things your love about your momma
  2. A butterfly sun catcher with pressed flowers (if you want to get all fancy)
  3. Two words for you: Bath Bombs. These are even vegan all natural essential oil fizzy wonderfulness for her bathtub!
  4. If deep down you know you’re her favorite kid, check out this one!
  5. You can’t go wrong with these chocolates. Ever.
  6. Is she makeup junkie?
  7. If she likes to cook, a personalized cutting board will do the trick.
  8. How about a coloring book for adults?

Whatever you decide on,  just remember that “the highest and noblest work in this life is that of a mother” so make sure that you make this day super extra special! She deserves it!

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Best wishes, and Happy (early) Mother’s Day!

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