Footnote to God

Learning to Count your Blessings

Whenever we refer to someone’s work in a paper we write, or whenever we quote someone in a talk, it is always important that we give credit to whoever’s work or words we mention. We do this by either referencing them, giving a quick “shout-out”, or by way of a footnote.

Now here’s a thought for you, if it is important for us to give credit to others for their work is it not even more important for us to give credit to God for His work?

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Visiting Teaching Printables

If you are not a member of our faith these are still wonderful messages that help uplift and inspire others and can definitely be used as well!

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So let me just start with the obvious… what is Visiting Teaching?

I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Within the church there are many different organizations, one of which is the Relief Society. As a part of the Relief Society we are each given the names of a couple of sisters in our ward (or congregation) and asked to pay them a monthly visit where we share a message, get to know them on a personal level, and see if they have any needs, either spiritual or physical, that we can help them with.

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The Fourth Watch

One of my favorite biblical accounts is when Peter walks on water.

But… that’s not what I want to write about today.

Anyone remember what happened right before then? Anyone, anyone?

Well I’ll tell ya.

We might find ourselves earnestly struggling, doubting, in fear, and maybe even ready to abort ship because it seems like the safest option. When we are at this point we needn’t worry, chances are the fourth watch is near.

Right before Christ appeared unto his disciples they found themselves in a “sea”-rious situation (yes, I know… bad joke). They were right smack in the middle of the sea, which just so happened to be teeming with waves, oh, and not to mention the wind wasn’t cooperating.


It is right at this point, amidst the waves and blowing wind that he appears. And this is where it gets good because do you know when he came? During the fourth watch (which essentially is right before dawn).

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