Egg Sandwich on Steroids

Super easy, 3 step breakfast! You HAVE to try it!

In the words of Leslie Knope, “Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food”?

She’s right you know. Pancakes, muffins, eggs, oatmeal, and my personal favorite… waffles.

I’ve tried so many delicious breakfast recipes, and continue to love trying new ones! It’s no surprise then that I fell in love with my husband’s traditional family breakfast. It is something that is so simple to make and will be on your table in 5 minutes or less, no kidding!

Ever since he was a kid his dad would make sausage, and egg sandwiches every Saturday while they watched some TV. When we were dating I remember going over on Saturdays and we would have this very same meal. Once, Kevin and his dad were even arguing about who made it best! I choose to stay neutral on this subject, my lips are sealed (but you can probably take a guess who I’m leaning towards)!

While we don’t make this every single Saturday, it still is just as delicious every time we do make it – not to mention that Kevin really enjoys making it!

I don’t really have a creative name for this breakfast dish so let’s just fast forward to the part where I give you the recipe:

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Easy Peasy Fondant

2 ingredient fondant! So fast and easy to make!

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When I was in high school I went through this baking phase. My parents, being the supportive and super-de-duper loving people that they are, put my in cake decorating classes at my local classes. They bought me something very similar to this, so that I would have all the supplies I would need to start off. I absolutely loved it, but it was hard to make time to go to the classes with all the extracurricular activities I had joined.

I was bummed because I really, really, really wanted to learn how to work with fondant.

Fast forward almost 10 years later and I realized that there is such a thing as Marshmallow fondant, and that you can make it from home, and say whattttttttt…. it costs less than five dollars to make!

I was sold.

Since then, I have made two fondant cakes! They haven’t come out perfect, but they’re not entirely hideous either! I can only improve from here.

Trust me, if I can make these cakes, so can you!

Let’s do this!


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DIY Graduation Cake

Learn how to make your own graduation cake in 4 easy steps!

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There is something about things that are homemade that you just can’t beat. Homemade cards, homemade gifts, and yes, homemade cake. Well…. kind of homemade.

Kevin (my super attractive and hard-working husband) finally graduated from college. This is such an important milestone that we just had to celebrate! Oh, and did I mention that he got accepted into the Masters program for Athletic Training? Proud wife moment.

Before we actually get to the cake, if you haven’t already, take a peek at the graduation invitations that I made using my lovely Cricut!

Now that you’re caught up… let’s get started!

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